About me

I know blogs are supposed to focus on a particular niche but it’s a jack of all trades on here.

This blog is my creative outlet so I’m hoping by documenting and sharing tutorials, recipes or craft projects, someone out there will find them helpful.

I am passionate about food and photography. I also love to figure things out on my own (and ask for help when i’m stuck). This is where my interest web and graphic design began. It is only natural that I combine all of my interests and share them on here.

I have to be honest, I’m not sure of the direction of the blog just yet ( not something i should admit on an about me page). My focus is currently on Food, DIY, Photography and Practical Printables. In fact the most popular posts on this blog are paper craft themed Printable alphabet spinners and how to make a paper dice.


If you have found yourself on this page, please don’t leave without saying Hi and introducing yourself. Let’s be friends.

Or even better, let me know what you think of the content of this site.

While your are here, you might find these Free Printables very useful

Word search and Puzzles

Greeting card & gift tags  

Hope you find something useful on here. In the meantime, feel free drop me a comment below or an email at olaniyi@showmycrafts.com. Love to hear from you.