Dinosaur Word Search 

Dinosaur Word Search  Try finding all the words in this dinosaur word search printable. They all include odd sounding and difficult to spell words so take on this challenge This is a great kids printable activitiy and as such can be used at home or in the classroom. Looking for more word games? Try these Cooking Terms Word Games Disney Word Games and Puzzles Black ... Read the Post

How to Build an Email List For Your Blog

How to Build an Email List For Free Your blog has been launched to much fanfare I'm sure. You are producing content and promoting in equal measure.  The time to start building your email list is NOW! There is absolutely no need to wait for a few months before building your list.  It is understandable that as a new blogger you might feel a bit insecure and wonder why ... Read the Post

A beginner’s guide to Bluehost Web Hosting

Beginners Guide to Bluehost Web Hosting Whether you a beginner or a veteran blogger, you want a web hosting service that is fast and reliable for the sake of your users. You also want a service that doesn’t intimidate with all the technical jargon.  This is a complete beginners guide to signing up and setting up Bluehost hosting for your wordpress website. Why Choose Bluehost Web ... Read the Post

Paper Chick

How to Make Paper Chick This paper chick is a very simple and straightforward easter craft for kids.  It is also great if you are looking for Easter craft ideas for decoration.  Toddlers and preschoolers will especially love this one as it is just the right size and you will love it because there is very minimal mess involved. This paper chick craft could easily be done at ... Read the Post

DIY Princess Crown

If you are looking for how to make a princess crown out of paper, then look no further. This paper princess crown is a safe and creative craft for kids. No cutting involved here so barely any supervision needed. Make this DIY paper crown as craft activities for kids at parties or fun school crafts. It is an especially fun and cool crafts for kids when they get to the decoration stage. ... Read the Post

Times Tables Spinning Wheel

A times tables spinning wheel is a great visual learning aid to help learn and master the times table. Still on the multiplication tables front, this kids educational craft is similar to the Multiplication table spinners. The only slight difference is that this spins like a wheel. This is great to refer to in class, before a drill or simply used to memorise the times tables. It is a ... Read the Post

Printable British icons poster print

The many variations of the phrase "keep calm and carry on" has always tickled my fancy even more so than the original. I didn't know that phrase was actually from a poster that was designed by the British government in preparation for world war II to basically raise the morale of the British public. At some point, you will have seen that phrase or its many imitations (funny or otherwise) on ... Read the Post

Chilli Ginger Molasses Cookies

Ginger molasses cookies are very popular during christmas but that should not be the case. These cookies are sweet,  full of flavour and with this recipe you get a little bit of heat (thanks to the chilli). With its characteristic crispy edges and soft chewy centre, its popularity is down to how simple it is to make. Ginger Molasses Cookies With Chill : Ingredients Sugar: ... Read the Post

Times Table Bookmark

This eye-catching set of times tables bookmark should help your kids learn their times table. The aim is to present every opportunity for them to practise. It is especially handy to use as a refresher before they adept through a drill. How To Make Times Tables Bookmark To make your bookmark, you will need.. Card stock paper (white) Scissors Times table bookmark ... Read the Post

Oatmeal Banana Bread

I am currently trying to stick to bringing my own lunch to work. I tend to have unhealthy options if I have to buy lunch. Plus I need to have something sweet to balance out the savoury, so you guessed it. A chocolate bar and a fizzy drink in addition to the main. My lunch time sweet craving  fix is an Oatmeal banana bread. It is really more suited for breakfast but it’s also a great treat ... Read the Post

Multiplication Tables Spinners

Multiplication Tables Spinners These multiplication tables spinners will help your kids learn and master the times table in a fun way. Multiplication tables are one of those rites of passage we all had to go through at school. We had to learn them at school and also practice them at home. I remember the times tables were boldy printed on the back all exercise books so there really ... Read the Post

Cooking Terms Word Games

Cooking Terms Word Search Have a go at this set of cooking terms word search. Some of these cooking terminologies are common and some not so familiar. There are 48 kitchen jargon in this set of word search printables. Simply download below, print off and tackle this challenge. You could even make a game out of it. Locate as many as you can in a timed challenge with friends. Words ... Read the Post