Chocolate Crepes

Chocolate crepes are great as a light option for breakfast or healthy dinner idea. Topped with fruits and cream cheese filling, it can make for a healthy dessert idea. Think of them as the French version of the typically American pancake. Crepes however has no rising agent so they end up wafer thin and light. Chocolate Crepe Variations Cocoa powder is the recommended way to add the ... Read the Post

How to Start Your Own Blog

How to start your own blog. Step by step tutorial for beginners. This is a comprehensive guide on how to start your own blog, promote and monetize it! Learn how to start your own blog and make money from your passion. Why You Should Start your own Blog..... Blogging offers you a creative outlet. You get to share your talent, skills or expertise with your readers. Blogging is a huge ... Read the Post

Alphabet Spinners

Alphabet spinners provide a fun and exciting way of helping kids master the alphabet. It also helps the kids recognise letter and words thereby making the connection to the everyday things, animal or objects on the alphabet wheel. Benefits of using the alphabet spinner as a learning aid It is fun and interesting way to teach as the kids see it more as a game. Word recognition helps ... Read the Post

Easter Word Games

Easter Word Games Are you looking to add to the line up of easter themed activities for the family? These easter word search and crossword puzzles will make a great addition to that line up. All you need to do is print and hand out. These word search, scramble and puzzles will suit children aged 6 and above. Even adults might find some these tasking. Easter Word Search Printables Give ... Read the Post

Coronavirus Lockdown: Ways to entertain yourself online

The Coronavirus has us either self isolating, social distancing ourselves from others and of course staying indoors. Since social gatherings of any kind is banned, virtual alternatives will have to suffice. Here are a few virtual experiences to entertain, amuse or even educate you during this coronavirus lock down. Public Attractions You can Enjoy Online During the Coronavirus Lockdown 1. ... Read the Post

Gingerbread Lattice Cookies

  This Gingerbread lattice cookies recipe is rich and very full of spice. All the ingredients are very basic and can easily be found in your kitchen cupboard. The sweet dough mix is spiced up with clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and of course ginger. You can go upmarket for even more flavour with cardamom and star anise. The recipe for the gingerbread lattice cookies is not without the ... Read the Post

Strawberry Pistachio Shortcake

This Strawberry Pistachio Shortcake recipe is adapted from Paul Hollywood's cookbook British Baking. It can be adjusted to suit your taste as well as what's in your pantry. It makes a great summer dessert that taste great and will easily wow your diners. Pistachio shortbread The shortbread is made with flour, icing sugar, butter, egg and of course pistachio nuts. The recipe makes ... Read the Post

Homemade Hand Sanitiser.

Homemade hand sanitiser is a necessity instead of a luxury when hand sanitisers become scare commodity. The ongoing fight against the spread of coronavirus has caused supply shortages. Another good reason to make your own hand sanitiser is the possible allergic reactions  ingredients in regular hand sanitisers. It is very important to state that hand sanitisers however effective is still ... Read the Post

3D Easter Egg Card

Looking to make a simple easter themed craft? Why not handmade and personalise a 3d easter egg card. It is very simple to make with basic materials and is suitable for all ages. The 3d egg is the centrepiece of the greeting card. It can then be embellished with stones, shape cut outs, buttons and any craft accessory you fancy How to make 3d Easter Egg Card Materials needed Paper ... Read the Post

Tennis Word Puzzles

Enjoy these tennis word puzzles. These are great for tennis fans. Print a few of these out as fun activities for  tennis themed parties. Also fun to do with friends during grand slam season.  Wimbledon Crossword Puzzle and Word Search Challenge your knowledge of the oldest tennis tournament in the world. The crossword puzzles range from the ladies and gentlemen layers, history of ... Read the Post