Brexit Snakes and ladders board game

Brexit Snakes and Ladders


Brexit Snakes and ladders is a silly version of a well loved family board game.

The premise is familiar but why not change things up with a novelty version loosely based around Brexit (the UK’s exit from the EU)

In this version of the game, the game is made up of 100 squares of different colours as well as the EU flag and the British flag.

You choose to either play as a Remainer or as a Leaver.

As a remainer, you can land on any square except the ones with the British flag and as a Leaver you mustn’t land on the EU flag. If you do, you move one step back.

Simply take out your political frustrations with a simple game of brexit snakes and ladders.


  1. Click here to download the brexit snakes and ladders file
  2. Print (on paper or photo paper prefarably larger than an A4 as the file is a square shape)
  3. You may put in a frame similar to that used for games.
  4. Pair with some counters and a pair of dice and you are good to go

Brexit Snakes and Ladders

Craft Tips

  • You could print and frame to hang on the wall. It great for home decor.
  • You could also simply laminate your printed paper.
  • Use photo paper to print or oder your prints of you want to frame as picture on the wall


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