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The many variations of the phrase “keep calm and carry on” has always tickled my fancy even more so than the original.

I didn’t know that phrase was actually from a poster that was designed by the British government in preparation for world war II to basically raise the morale of the British public.

At some point, you will have seen that phrase or its many imitations (funny or otherwise) on posters, t-shirts, mugs etc.

That inspired me to design a poster with British icons and monuments on.

These prints will sit beautifully in an A4 sized frame (8.5 by 11 inches) or a larger print (11 by 14 inches).

Printing can be done at home using A4 photo paper or card stock paper of at least 220 gsm

You may also take your file to the print shop or upload to online printers

British Icon Poster Print

I found the vectors on freepik and added a few twicks to the poster. From the crack on the telephone box, the Queen and the various umbrellas synonymous with the British weather.

I made a blue and red version with the two different phrases, the blue is definitely my favourite with the “keep calm and love all the cliches.

What is your favourite of the imitations? Mine are usually the not so serious ones

  • Keep calm and marry Ron
  • keep calm and fake a British accent
  • Keep calm and love all things British.

Win a Personalised Downloadable Print

Win a personalised downloadable print with the phrase of your choice. Drop your favourite phrase in the comment section and i will choose 5 phrases to personalise on the prints for you.

In the meantime, download your printable here…

download printable here

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