generating youtube keys

Generate youtube api keys

How to Generate Youtube Api Keys

Generate youtube api keys

Webmaster and developers need to generate youtube api keys to add youtube functionality to either websites and aid applications being developed.

It is essentially used to add get the youtube experience elsewhere.

Why are API Keys needed?

Developers add api keys to their products in order to get access to youtube data

WordPress website owners add api keys to youtube plugins to ensure proper functionality and performance.

Overall they can be used to

  • display youtube channels, subscriptions and more
  • upload comments and captions on other sites and applications
  • embed videos and playlists

and more…

How youtube api keys work

A daily quota is allocated to every developer. (You are considered a developer not only if you have developed an application but also if you use one that require an api from youtube)

1,000,000 units is allocated daily and this is done to prevent misuse of the service or access limitation for other users

When you make an api request, google allocates a cost to that request as follows

One read request = 1

One write request = 50

One upload request = 1600


  1. Go to the google developers console  page and sign in to your google account. If you don’t have one register for a google account.
  2. On the dashboard, click create project. A pop up box will appear, click create
  3. A “new project” box will pop up. Give the project a name as it cannot be changed later. Click create.    generate youtube api keys
  4. On the lefthand side, click library to  the API library. Choose Youtube Data API v3 
  5. On the youtube data api v3 page, click enable.
  6. In order to use the newly created api, you will need to create credentials.
  7. Add  details of credentials to your newly created api. Fill in the kind of credentials you need. What kind of API do you need? (Youtube Data API v3). Do you want to restrict credentials? (Web server e.g node.js, tomcat) and What data will you be accessing (public data). Finally, What credentials do i need?
  8. It generates your youtube api keys which can now be copied and used. Click done to finish the process.

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generate youtube api keys.

I hope you find this tutorial useful. if you do, like, share or/and leave a comment. Here is a tutorial  on how to keep your wordpress website safe  from those pesky spam bots.

Generate youtube api keys

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