Paper Crafts

Paper sunflowers

Paper Sunflowers

You can enliven your living space with paper sunflowers. They are easy to make and great crafting exercise you can do with kids. This method requires cut a lot of paper off a printed template so may r...


Paper Alphabet Blocks

Paper Alphabet Blocks are great learning tools for kids. They are great at helping kids learn to spell and play other word games. You will need the following A4 or Letter size cardstock Glue Scissors ...

How to make paper dice

How to make a paper dice the easy way

If you  desperately need a pair of dice to play that boardgames that has been gathering dust on the shelf, here is simple way to make a paper dice . This is simply the easiest way to make dice without...

paper mache photo frame

Paper Mache Photo Frame

Paper mache photo frame is a great way to display your art. This picture frame can take pride of place on a mantlepiece, desk or on a wall. This paper mache project can be taken all skill levels and t...

How to make your own paper mache bowl

How to make your own paper mache bowl

Get into your paper mache art by making your very own paper mache bowl using a balloon. Paper mache as a building material is cheap, quick to make and easily accessible. Its versatility inspires many ...

How To Make Paper Frills

How To Make Paper Frills for Crown Roasts

Paper frills is a very simple craft you can make to elegantly present your chicken, turkey or lamb cutlets. Whether you call it paper frills for turkey legs or lamb chop cuffs, this craft can be made ...

christmas paper star

3d Christmas paper stars

3d Christmas paper star tutorial If you are looking for an easy diy christmas decoration or christmas craft idea,  3d Christmas paper stars are the way to go. You can easily create these in many colou...

Woven Paper Basket

Woven Paper Basket with Handle

Woven paper basket is a great craft activity for just about any level. It is a great alternative to christmas stocking, can be used as party decorations or even hang it on a christmas tree. Woven Pape...

paper fan gift wrapping

7 Gift Wrapping Ideas With Kraft Paper That Will Surely Impress

Gift wrapping with brown paper doesn’t need to be a hum drum affair. Plainly wrapping your gift without any embellishments makes it look cheap, even if you have the latest iPad hiding away in th...

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