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stop spam comments

WordPress spam comments

Methods to stop spam comments proves invaluable if you are going to be investing all that time and effort to building and maintaining your wordpress site.

Spam comments are comments that have absolutely nothing to do with the post or conversation. They are just an unwanted distraction from the conversation.

stop spam comments

Comment spammers did so back then as a way to get backlinks to their site, now they just spam comments as a way to drive traffic to their site in a backhanded way.

Imagine if you have carefully crafted and researched a post about Luxury yatchs and then a user posts a comment about affordable web design and SEO services. It spoils the conversation and it just doesn’t look good to your readers especially the new visitors to your site.

While google now cracks down on website that spam other websites, you must also be proactive by employing ways to stop  spam comments on your wordpress site.

If you do nothing, you may be penalised and slip down google’s ranking system as a result of spam comments.

stop spam comments

Spam bots

Spams bots are just as annoying except, in addition to those pesky wordpress spam comments, they examine sites with the intent of gathering information as well as disseminating them.

Spam bots are designed to get traffic and build backlinks through and if the link from your site to theirs does not make sense, you should expect a penalty from google.

You definitely don’t need the unnecessary hassle of wordpress spam comments and fake users or bots.

Why you must remove comment spam and spam bots

As mentioned earlier, the aim of the boneheads responsible for wordpress comment spam and spam bots is to drive traffic from your website and get links from your site in a backhanded way.

When analysing the performance of your website using google analytics spam bots will make that information inaccurate because they will show up in the analytics masquerading as genuine site visitors. They also affect the analytical features including referral sites, bounce rates etc.

If you make content based what google analytics tells you is popular, spam bots on your site may mislead you into using incorrect information on your analytics to make content you think is popular

Ways to stop spam comments and spam bots in wordpress


An increasingly popular move if your user engagement is primarily on social media platforms. Plus it is impossible to get spam comments when comment function is disabled.

To disable comments on all future post

On the dashboard, go to Settings then Discussions.

Untick allow people to post on new articles

To disable comments on specific posts

You may not want to disable comments on all your posts. To disable or enable comments on specific posts.

Go to All Posts, Click Quick edit on the post you want to enable or disable comment.

Tick or untick Allow comments.


If you don’t want anyone registering on your site as a member and possibly leaving spam comments, you can consider as an option, disabling user registration.

This is easy and straightforward. Under Settings, General, UntickAnyone can register.


Depending on the size and number of users on your website, manually approving user comments might be the way to go.

Go to Settings, Discussions, tick Comment must be manually approved.

You can avoid spam comments this as comments will not show up on your website until it is manually approved.

To approve a comment

You will get a notification under comments.

Click comments to take to your recent comments.

You can choose approve, delete, edit or mark a spam


You can use plugins to keep the spam bots out and prevent spam comments. You can find them on the wordpress admin area. Click plugin, add plugin, find the plugin, download, activate and set it up.

Here is list of effective free and premium plugins for stop bots registration and spam comments.

Akismet Anti Spam

Stop Spammers

Anti Spam

Spam protection, Antispam, Firewall.By CleanTalk

IP Geo Block


I hope this guide is helpful to someone. Drop a comment if there is a practical solution that i have missed.

I would love to hear from you have found it helpful or if you have any tips or suggestions that can help others, please leave in the comment section below.

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stop spam comments


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