Multiplication Tables Spinning Wheels


  • This a download only product.
  • The file consists of all 12 times tables templates and instructions.
  • Files are in pdf format
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Great learning aid for kids to learn the times tables.

It can be used as is when made or hung on the wall for ease of access when needed.

To delay wear and tear go your spinning wheel or to prevent bending, when not in use, it should be kept in a folder.

Use it before a times tables drills or play a numbers game

What is included?

  • Instructions
  • The complete 1-12 multiplication tables template
  • Two versions to choose from if you want a one coloured or two coloured spinning wheel.

To Make Your Multiplication Tables Spinning Wheel

Materials Needed


To make a two coloured spinning wheel,

  1. simply print out a template named (times table wheel separate pages)
  2. Use different coloured paper to print the top and bottom part of the wheel.
  3. Follow the instructions and put your wheel together.

Click here for Tutorial with Images 

Click here for video tutorial





Additional information

Type of product



Pdf files (29 pages of templates and instructions)


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