Printable Times Tables Spinners


  • This a download only product.
  • The file consists of all 12 templates and instructions.
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Printable times tables spinners offers a fun way to help your child with learning the numbers times table.

Great for the home or the classroom to help children practise the multiplication tables.

It is also a great times tables crafts that can be made with the kids.

The complete times table set comprises the 3 circles which when assembled reveals the answer to multiplication tables from 1 to 12.

Pick a times table number, spin around to reveal the answer.

What is included?

  • The complete 1-12 multiplication table templates.
  • Template includes the bottom part with the numbers, the middle that reveals either side of the times table and the top part showing which time table it is ie 2 times table.
  • Instruction on how to put together your alphabet spinners

To Make Your Printable Times Table Spinners

Materials Needed

  1. When you play your order, you will receive the complete times table template.
  2. Download and print
  3. Cut out the circles.
  4. Poke holes through the dots on the cut outs.
  5. Insert paper fasteners through the small circle (top), circle without the number (middle) and circle with the number (bottom).
  6. Close the paper fasteners by spreading them out

Here is a tutorial with images on how to make your own




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Pdf files (29 pages of templates and instructions)


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