Set up Google analytics

How to set up Google Analytics

It is very important to arm yourself with relevant information about your website. One way of doing this is to set up google analytics on your  wordpress site.

How to set up google analytics

Google analytics provide you with the following information

Page view: The number of times visitors have viewed pages on your website

Bounce rate:  This is the rate in percentage of visitors who click away from your website after viewing one page.

Session duration: This is basically how long users stay on your website.

The above are just a few benefits to adding google analytics to your site. When you possess such information, yo are able to strategically produce more content that is in line with what your users want.



  1.Sign up for an account

You will need to sign up or login to your google account. Go to the google analytics page  and  click Sign up.

   2.  Obtain the Google tracking ID

  • Give your account a name
  • Choose what you want to measure ie website or apps. In this case website.
  • Enter website name, web url, industry category, reporting time zone. Click create
  • Agree to the term of service agreement at the top and click accept at the bottom

set up google analytics        


   3. Accepts the terms and conditions and receive your analytics code

How to filter internal traffic

Before considering how to add google analytics to wordpress sites, it is important to ensure the information received from analytics isn’t inaccurate.

When editing and previewing your wordpress blog, google analytics tracks those as well.  If you have previewed your blogpost 50 times while fine-tuning it, your page views will include those 50 internal page views.

To remove internal page views, you create a filter that excludes views coming from your IP address in your google analytics information.

To filter internal traffic

  1.   Still signed into your google analytics account, click Admin and All Filters.
  2. Click  + New filter.
  3. Give your filter a name, click on Predefined filter and choose the following. (Filter type : Exclude, Select source or destination : traffic from the IP address, select express: that are equal to). Finally Enter your IP address. Help finding out your ip address
  4. Click save.

Set up google analytics code using Header and Footer plugin

This is the easiest way to add any codes to your site without effecting any unwanted changes when there are updates to your wordpress themes.

Install the Header and Footer plugin and activate it. On your dashboard, go to Settings, Insert Header and Footer, Pastethe analytics code (not the tracking ID) in the header. Save.

I hope this article has helped you understand how to install and add google analytics to wordpress.

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set up google analytics


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