Top WordPress Anti Spam Plugins

top anti spam plugin

top anti spam plugin

Anti spam plugins are a preferred method of dealing with spam on wordpress sites. If however, you would prefer another way to combat spam on your website, here are some practical ways to deal with spam comments and bots without the use of plugins.

All the hard work of adding content to your website, search engine optimisation routines and the overall maintenance of a website can be undone by attacks of spam comments.

It is very essential to stop spam comments from undermining your wordpress website for two main reasons:

  1. Spam comments have a negative google ranking consequence because assumes you are going about SEO in an underhanded way
  2. They misconstrue information from the analytics of your wordpress website.

The best anti spam plugins needed to stop spam comments


anti spam plugins

This is the probably the most popular and downloaded anti spam plugin on wordpress. Akismet works by automatically checking all your comments and filtering it out if it looks like spam.

It also checks your comments and submission forms against its database of spammers.

Install and activate the akismet anti spam plugin from the wordpress dashboard and activate. You will also require an api key which is very easy and straightforward to obtain.

There are both free and subscription versions of akismet. The free version is effective enough for spam protection. If however you want more features, you can opt for the subscription plans.



anti spam plugins

WPForms lays claim to being the best WordPress contact form plugin. It is a very user-friendly form builder in its free version. As a premium plugin, its offers great spam protection.

As anti spam plugins go, wpforms is quite unique as it uses its smart honeypot technique to prevent spam without interfering with the experience of website users.

It also employs google captcha to reduce fake submissions on forms.



Stop spammers is a very violent defender against comment spam. It checks for fake comments, fraudulent login attempts and malicious intrusions on wordpress sites.

When it detects potential spam, it offers users an opportunity to repost comment or login again to ensure it is not a bot.

This plugin when compared to other anti spam plugins is very well suited to sites that have had malicious attacks or overrun with spam comments as it can be very aggressive in its detection and will occasionally tag as spam a genuine comment.

It is very straightforward and user-friendly. But for some minor settings, it works straight out of the box.  FREE


This is probably the best anti spam plugin on wordpress. It is certainly the most 5 star reviewed of all, with over 1,460 five star reviews and 70,000 plus downloads.

  • It has great anti spam protection which can either help you move spam comments to a folder or lets you set the option to ban span comments and/or automaically delete them.
  • Filters bots on registeration forms of not just wordpress but many other plugins that use wordpress like woocommerce, buddypress, Profile builder and more
  • It offers protection on practically all the major contact forms.
  • Compatibility with a huge variety of contact form, landing pages and cache plugins
  • Allows you to set a ban on registeration and comments from certain countries if you so choose.
  • You can set a stop word, especially great for moderation.

Although it is very tough on spam, it also has a very low false/positive ie (blocking real comments or users as spam)

These are the actual statistics of false positives of over 1 million site owners as at Novemebr 2017

Registrations 0.007%
Comments 0.001%
Contact forms 0.001%
Orders (woocommerce) 0.008%



One of the most straightforward anti spam plugins. best selling point is, it blocks spam comments.

It stores your blocked spam comments in a folder, should you decide to unblock and turn to regular comment, it allows for that functionality.

However, it only blocks automatic spam and not manually submitted spam comments.

You may have compatibility issues if you use Disqus, Jetpack comments, AJAX comments and bbPress for comments on your website



This plugin uses google recaptcha to offer spam protection on wordpress login, registeration and comment forms. It also offers recaptcha spam protection on woocommerce forms and buddypress forms.



wordpress spam plugin

This is one of the most comprehensive anti spam plugins on wordpress.

This plugin was designed by wordpress experts and they made sure it doesn’t slow down your wordpress site even with all its features.

It uses a security point system to grade how well you are protecting your wordpress site based on features you have chosen to activate.

Some of its features include

  • User account security
  • Database security
  • User registration security
  • Blacklist functionality
  • User login security
  • Firewall functionality

Its grading system allows you to gradually secure your website with causing an conflicts or break in site functionality.

Even though the All in one wordpress security plugin has this many features, it is doesn’t slow down your website.



anti spam plugin

IP Geo block protects your wordpress site against attacks through login forms, login attempts, unwarranted comment spam, finback spam and admin areas.

It can also prevent the aforementioned attacked from countries you have put on your block list.

Features include

  • Encrypted IP address
  • Option to limit login attempts
  • Massively reduce the load on server.
  • BuddyPress and bbPress functionality
  • Prevents malicious downloading or uploading
  • Prevets self blocking
  • Clean uninstallation


In order to effectively prevents spam bots and comments with anti spam plugins, the features of the plugins need to be considered before making a decision.

This is important to ensure there are no plugin conflicts. If its a comment spam feature you only need, its best to only go for plugins that offer that functionality.

top anti spam plugin



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