Valentine’s Day File Folder Matching Game

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These Valentine’s Day File Folder Matching Games are fun way of combining play and learning. 

Valentine's Day File folder games

This Valentine’s Day version of file folder games incorporates eye catching and colourful items and objects that are easily recognisable by the kids. 

A fun learning experience is the focus here so this file folder activity is well suited to preschool and kindergarten age kids.

In this activity, there are four different valentines day file folder matching games to be played.

How to Make File Folder Games

Before we proceed, if you need tips on how to make file folder games of any kind, materials needed and instruction, the post should be very helpful.

Valentine’s Day File Folder Games

Four different games are included in this file folder activity where the kids are tested on shape recognition, colour recognition.

It also doubles as an aid to learning to count and improving their mastery of  the alphabet.

Match the Teddy

This game has 12 teddy bears holding a heart with different shapes and colours.

The kids with have to match the each the teddy bear with the right heart.

In playing the game, ask the kids to identify the shape and the colour.

There are 12 bears on two pages with the corresponding heart on one page.

match the teddy valentines file folder games

Alphabet Hearts

One half of has the capital letter of an alphabet on it, the kids have to match with the corresponding small letter.

This is a fun alphabet games for kids to play and have fun with letters.

Letter recognition is used to pair the other halves of the hearts.

alphabet hearts matching game

Counting Matching Game

Colourful and recognisable objects are arranged in row and the kids need to count the objects and then place the right number in the box.

The numbers are provided on a separate sheet and when cut will fit right in the box.

This is a fun game to play as it improves the number recognition and number counting.

valentines counting matching games

Picture Matching Game

Let’s see if they can match up all these images. 

Each half of the rectangular pictures are paired to together to form a whole image.

Setting up your file folder games

Print out the games templates. They are in pdf format and have been made easy to print.

Laminate all the pages.

Cut out the parts that will be paired to the games pages

Attach velcro on the games pages on the appropriate image. Also attach to the corresponding pair.

Find folder to store for safe keeping and you are set.


Printable Valentine’s Day File Folder Games

The Heart Alphabet Games includes all 26 alphabets on two separate pages and the heart pairs on one page.

The Teddy bear matching games has twelve hearts to pair. The games template comes in 2 pages with 6 teddy each.

The Counting Matching Games  has 12 rows of counting on two pages with the numbers on a separate page.

Finally, the picture matching game has 12 images to pair together.


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