Creative Crafts and DIY Projects

Find creative crafts projects for kids and adults. Check out fun ideas for kids, creative projects you can make or educational crafts that can be used as learning aids

Paper Crafts

Try out these easy creative crafts made with paper ranging hats, pouches to times table spinners

simple paper pouch

Origami Pouches

Simple Paper Pouch A paper pouch is a simple craft kids can make that are both eye catching and practical. Paper pouches...

diy princess crown

DIY Princess Crown

If you are looking for how to make a princess crown out of paper, then look no further. This paper princess crown is a s...

Times tables spinning wheel

Times Tables Spinning Wheel

A times tables spinning wheel is a great visual learning aid to help learn and master the times table. Still on the mult...

times tables bookmark

Times Table Bookmark

This eye-catching set of times tables bookmark should help your kids learn their times table. The aim is to present ever...

multiplication tables games

Multiplication Tables Spinners

Multiplication Tables Spinners These multiplication tables spinners will help your kids learn and master the times table...

printable alphabet spinners..

Alphabet Spinners

Alphabet spinners provide a fun and exciting way of helping kids master the alphabet. It also helps the kids recognise l...


Every craft comes with free printable so you can recreate the craft. However, if you want more variation or complete versions of the template. Shop the complete digital versions of craft template with full instructions.