Christmas pop up card

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Pop up cards make a great christmas craft for kids to hand out during the festive season.

The 3d effect of the card is fun for the kids to  make .

This pop up card is a fairly easy paper craft to make. Simply print the pop up card template, cut and assemble.

It simply a christmas character going down or coming up the chimney. With this diy pop up christmas card, the kids can choose any christmas character they want to glue to the chimney.

christmas card for kids

To make your DIY christmas pop up card

Materials needed

Free template colouring template.

White card stock paper (print the inside of the card)





Print out and cut the inner and outer template.

pop up card template

Fold neatly in half

Cut from the edge to the end of the chimney as pictured. Make sure you cut the exact length of the top of the chimney.

Unfold and it should look like this

Turn it inside out and fold to the left from the edge.

Apply glue to the whole surface except the folded part.

Glue this template to the inside of the other card.

Grab your christmas character template

Cut out any character to glue to the inside of the chimney.

If you choose the colouring version, colour your character.

Glue your character to the inside of the chimney.

You may write what you want on the card like the recipients.

how to make pop up cards


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