How to make a paper dice the easy way

How to make Paper Dice

How to make paper dice

If you  desperately need a pair of dice to play that boardgames that has been gathering dust on the shelf, here is simple way to make a paper dice .

This is simply the easiest way to make dice without glue or tape

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You can also use this tutorial to make a paper cube and scale up or down as required.

This is also a great way to improve your paper crafting skills.


You will need the following

  • 6cm x 6cm Paper (6 pieces)
  • Felt pen

How do you make a paper dice?

  1. Mark the half way point and fold the top left and top right corner to meet midpoint.
  2. Turn the paper horizontally and repeat the above step.
  3. Do the same for the remaining 5 pieces of paper
  4. Start to insert one into the other until you form a cube.
  5. Using a felt pen or marker, make dots on all the sides of the cube.


paper dice tutorials

You can make far smaller dice for board games or very big cubes for craft projects by simply scaling up or down.

paper cubes make your paper dice

You can also make paper dice using Printable paper dice template. Get the template in your email

  • Simply print out the template
  • Cut out the template
  • Fold the inside lines
  • Using glue, form into a cube along the tabs.

Apart from a paper dice, you can make teaching aids for kindergarten in the form of alphabet blocks. Instead of dots, put alphabets


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