Paper Alphabet Blocks


Paper Alphabet Blocks

Paper Alphabet Blocks are great learning tools for kids. They are great at helping kids learn to spell and play other word games.

alphabet paper blocks

You will need the following

  • A4 or Letter size cardstock
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to make your own Paper Alphabet Blocks

  1. Print the free A – F template if you want the exact design in the images. You can also print a plain one to customise your own. Receive the templates in your email below.

Click here for the complete A-Z template


2. Cut out the templates along the lines.

3. Fold the cut out templates along the lines

4. Glue together all the sides.

5. Let the glued sides dry or stick


  • You may build your own cube using the blank template and the customising your box.
  • You write numbers, letters or draw shapes
  • You could also use a felt pen to make dots on the cubes and turn it into paper dice
  • You may cover in wrapping paper, attach a string and use as an accessory on a Christmas tree
  • It can also serve as a box with a lid. Don’t glue the top of the box shut and you can keep game cards and other learning aids
  • You can also get the kids involved by building paper boxes using the plain template and encourage them to design their own individual box. Decoration ideas could involve colouring, drawing, or sticking shapes on the boxes.



Check out a similar paper craft project on how to make a paper dice the easy way without using a printable template.


Click here for the complete A-Z template


Looking for more cube based craft ideas, check out the cube box printable templates

If you are looking for something different, how about some paper mache projects like

Eye popping paper mache fruit bowl or centrepiece 

Paper mache photo frame

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