Number Matching Game

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Number Match Game

This number matching game is a fun way to help teach your little kids how to count by reconciling number recognition with counting.

This game is a handy learning aid for teachers of preschoolers or even kindergarteners as it this makes a great preschool numbers matching activity .

It is also great if you are homeschooling your little ones or just a fun activity to do with the kids.

This number matching activity teaches the kids in a fun way how to count and enhances number recognition.

printable Number matching games for preschoolers

How to play the number matching game

The child picks a sector on the wheel.

He/she counts the number of shapes on that wheel

Then the peg with the right number is attached to that part of the wheel 












This number matching game engages your child in the following ways…

  • Teaches the child how to count
  • Helps with number recognition
  • Teaches and/or reinforces their knowledge of shapes
  • Teaches and/or reinforces their knowledge of colours.

You can mix it up by asking them to identify a particular shape or colour on the wheel.

How to make the number matching game wheel

Materials needed

  • Glue stick
  • White cardstock paper
  • 10 Wooden pegs
  • Scissors


Print out the template below here.

It has the everything on one page.

preschool number activities

Cut out the wheel using a scissors and cut out the numbers

number activities for toddlers

Apply glue to the wooden pegs

counting activities for kindergarten

Stick a number on the wooden pegs.

Make sure the cut out numbers are glued right in the middle.

number recognition

Let it dry completely

Number matching printable

Now you are ready to have fun counting.

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Download the free printable 

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    Can you explain this to me?


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