3D Easter Egg Card

3d easter egg card

3d easter egg card

Looking to make a simple easter themed craft? Why not handmade and personalise a 3d easter egg card.

It is very simple to make with basic materials and is suitable for all ages.

The 3d egg is the centrepiece of the greeting card.

It can then be embellished with stones, shape cut outs, buttons and any craft accessory you fancy

How to make 3d Easter Egg Card

Materials needed

  • Paper stock cards (at least 2)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch (optional)
  • Craft stones (optional)
  • Buttons (optional)


Print the  3d easter egg template on the card stock paper. You may print the egg templates on one side and the patterned background on the other side. (Blue egg and blue pattern) (Pink egg and pink pattern)

Cut out the egg shapes using a scissors. For a 3d egg that pops, you will need at least 5 cutouts.

Take a plain card stock paper and horizontally fold in half.

Glue on an egg cutout right in the centre of your folded paper.

Take the remaining egg cutouts and fold in half as pictured.

3d easter egg card

Glue the folded halves making sure they are glued on, the right side up  (ie the domed side up).

Repeat the step and glue the remaining two halves.

Decorate and embellish with craft accessories in any way that takes your creative fancy.

As pictured, you may use adhesive gold foam letters or even a felt pen for words.

Craft stones is a cheap way to embellish any craft project.

Another great way to decorate your card is with colourful buttons and hole punched shapes.

Your 3d easter egg card is complete

3d easter egg card

3d easter egg card

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3d easter egg card




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