Royal Residences Puzzles

Royal Residences Word Puzzles-

Royal Residences Word Puzzles

How well do you know the royal residences? Apart from Buckingham palace and maybe window castle, can you tell Osbourne House from Clarence house.

Try out these British Royal Residences Word search, Word Scramble and Crossword puzzle.

Royal Residences Word Puzzles

Royal Residences Word Search and Word Scramble

Find, amongst the muddle of letters, some of the most famous palaces and castles in the world. Ranging from tourist favourites, Buckingham palace to the official residence of one beloved princess.

Test your unscrambling skills with these scrambled royal castles and palaces. Some might seem obvious and some are as misleading as the letters suggest.

Royal Palaces Crossword Puzzle

Find out how much fun facts or obscure knowledge you have of the British royal family? Do you know where Princess Diana resided or the Palatial dwelling favoured by Adolf Hitler during the war.

Try out this royal family residence themed crossword puzzle and see how you fare.



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