Take the Quiz: Identify Royal Family Palaces and Castles

royal family residences
St James's Palace was built by Henry VIII in 1530, and this stunning gatehouse is the only part still intact

royal family residences

How well do you know the royal family residences. Take the quiz and see if you can identify all 10 castles, palaces and royal houses.


Royal Family Residences?

How well do you know the Royal Family Residences. Identify these castles and palaces. See how you fare

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Which Castle is this?

Question Image

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Which house is this?

Question Image

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This one is a Palace but which is it?

Question Image

4 / 10

This one is probably the Queen's favourite.

Question Image

5 / 10

The least you can do is to get this one right. It is a favourite of tourists.

Question Image

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The Queen mother lived her last years here

Question Image

7 / 10

This one is 468 miles from London

Question Image

8 / 10

Which Castle is this?

Question Image

9 / 10

This one is as grand as can be

Question Image

10 / 10

Which Palace is this?

Question Image

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