Alphabet Spinners

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Alphabet spinners provide a fun and exciting way of helping kids master the alphabet.

It also helps the kids recognise letter and words thereby making the connection to the everyday things, animal or objects on the alphabet wheel.

Benefits of using the alphabet spinner as a learning aid

  • It is fun and interesting way to teach as the kids see it more as a game.
  • Word recognition helps develop reading ability faster
  • The alphabet spinners can be used anywhere in the home, at school or even in the car on a long journey.

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How to make Printable Alphabet Spinners

You will need:


Print out the free alphabet spinner template pdf file.  Download the template for A to J. Get the complete A to Z template

You may use normal printing paper but it is highly recommended that you use card stock paper as they are more durable.

The top part of the spinner can be printed on coloured paper while the bottom part should be printed on white paper.

printable alphabet spinners pdf free

Using the scissors, cut out the circles. The top part printed on the coloured paper and the bottom part printed on the white paper.

If you doing this process with kids, make sure they are properly supervised.

Poke holes in the centre of the circles using a wooden skewer or a sharp pen.

Lay the top part on the bottom part and align properly.

Take a paper fastener and push through the hole.

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Pull apart the paper fastener so that it holds both cut outs tightly but still loose enough to spin

This is a great printable abc activity idea for preschoolers that can be made to supplement the learning of your children at home.

printable alphabet spinners..


Here are a few crafts for kids

Download the A – J template by clicking the banner above.

However, if you want the complete A – Z template, you can get it here : Alphabet Spinners Complete A- Z template with set instructions

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  1. Hello! These alphabet spinners are very pretty and very useful. Thank you for making them free. I have a question and I hope you’ll don’t mind, do you have all the letters? I’ve downloaded only A and B. Thank you!

    • Thanks Diana. I only have the A and B. I have just about completed a few more letter which i will send as an email. I am sure will receive them since you are subscribed. Thanks again

      • Sure! Nice! Thank you a lot!

  2. Hello ! Please I also have just A and B. Can u have the rest?

    • Sorry i didn’t update the old link. I ll send you last week’s newsletter which contains the A to J template


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