Times Table Bookmark

This eye-catching set of times tables bookmark should help your kids learn their times table. The aim is to present every opportunity for them to practise.

It is especially handy to use as a refresher before they adept through a drill.

times tables bookmark

How To Make Times Tables Bookmark

To make your bookmark, you will need..

  • Card stock paper (white)
  • Scissors
  • Times table bookmark template.


  1. Download the complete times table bookmark template. Download here.
  2. Print on card stock paper
  3. Cut out the individual tables to use as book marks
  4. Leave printout as it is if using as poster or if it is to be laminated.

times tables bookmark

How to Use The Times Table Bookmark

  1. As bookmarks of course. They are designed such that each number table enough space so that they can be cut. Simply put in your child’s favourite book. Encourage and if possible supervise a quick time table learning session before they continue to read their favourite book.
  2. You can layout the all the times tables and go toe to toe with them. Make a game out of it and make it fun for them. Hopefully, you will remember all the tables you learnt as a kid.
  3. Print out the template on A4 paper or A3 paper and use as a poster in your kids’ bedroom. If using A3 paper, you might need to adjust print settings.
  4. Another option is to print and laminate and place on the kitchen fridge or somewhere accessible.


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