Woven Paper Basket with Handle

Woven Paper Basket

Woven paper basket is a great craft activity for just about any level.

It is a great alternative to christmas stocking, can be used as party decorations or even hang it on a christmas tree.

Woven Paper Basket with Handle

Great as party decorations, stocking filler alternatives or as a christmas tree accessory.

Tools needed

  • 2 Different Coloured papers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  1. Fold the papers in half
  2. Mark 2 cms either side of the unfolded side (opened side) and draw a horizontal to meet each marking
  3. Mark 2 cm intervals on the horizontal line
  4. Mark 2 cm intervals on the folded side
  5. Draw a line to connect each marking on opposite sides
  6. cut slits from the folded side to the horizontal line
  7. Weave the slits until complete
Woven Paper Basket


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Woven Paper Basket

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