DIY Valentine’s Day Card

DIY Valentine's Day Card

DIY Valentine's Day Card

Get paper crafting for that special person or people in your life with this DIY Valentine’s day card.

Some card stock papers, glue and paper strips and you are good to go.

Materials needed

  • Paper trimmer
  • Card stock paper (two different colours)
  • Glue
  • Hearts hole punch

Instructions DIY Valentine’s Day Card

  1. Fold the A4 card in half
  2. Using the paper trimmer, cut 1cm and 1/2cm strips in width of the different coloured paper
  3. Take the 1cm wide strips, trim to 15cm in length, glue one end, join the the other end to make a heart.
  4. Repeat the steps to make two more
  5. Glue the hearts on the card.
  6. Glue the 1/2 cm wide strips and glue underneath each heart.
  7. Punch tiny paper hearts using the hole punch and glue as you wish.

DIY Valentine's Day Card

DIY Valentine's Day Card

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DIY Valentine's Day Card

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