Paper weave greetings card

paper weave christmas card

A paper weave greeting card is a simple DIY greetings card idea.

It suits any occasion and suitable as Birthday cards, Easter cards and even Thank you cards.

The paper weave technique on the front is very easy to do so is suitable for all levels

The front of the card can be  designed whichever way you want

Materials Needed

  • Paper trimmer
  • A4 Card stock paper (Various colours)
  • Glue
  • Craft Jewel or Gem stones
  • Marker or felt pen

DIY Paper Weave Greetings Card

  1. Horizontally fold an A4 card stock paper in half
  2. Using the paper trimmer, cut 1cm wide strips from different coloured paper.
  3. Take the strips to be laid vertically and trim them to the length of the card from the top to the bottom
  4. Do the same to strips to be laid horizontally ensuring they are equal length from the left to the right.
  5. Glue the vertical strips at the top.
  6. Glue the horizontal strips to the left side of the card
  7. Weave the horizontal and vertical strips and glue the ends of the strips
  8. Glue the craft gems on the card
  9. Using a marker, write what you want on the front as well as the inside of the card.

paper weave greetings card

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paper weave greetings card

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