Origami Pouches

simple paper pouch

Simple Paper Pouch

A paper pouch is a simple craft kids can make that are both eye catching and practical.

Paper pouches can be used to gift surprise tokens, sweets, jewellery or small items.

origami paper pouch-jpg

To make your origami pouches, you will need

  • Plain or patterned paper. (Print some from the resource library)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

The dimensions for the paper is 18cm by 28cm. This yields 3 pouches.

Yield: 3

How To Origami Paper Pouch

origami paper pouch-jpg

Simple origami pouches can be used to give great surprise tokens, sweets or store small items.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Paper (Plain or patterned)
  • Glue


  • Scissors


  1. Cut a plain paper measuring 18cm by 24cm. You could also print any of the free templates
  2. Fold in half.
  3. Fold into equal thirds.
  4. Cut a small slant on either side of the folded paper.
  5. Open it up and glue the folded lines. Only apply glue to the vertical lines on one half of the paper. Then glue together. Do not glue the top.
  6. Let it dry.
  7. Cut the pouches.
  8. Insert your tokens or gifts.
  9. Seal the pouch.

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