Paper mache flower vase

paper mache flower vase

Paper mache flower vase

Why not take your paper mache crafting to the next level by making this paper mache flower vase.

This flower vase craft is a very practical idea for home decor. It can be used as a flower vase to hold artificial flowers or even dehydrated flowers.

It can also simply be an art piece that would look great on a shelf or mantlepiece.

This paper mache flower vase is made using cardboard cut out from a printable template, glued together and decorated.

Materials needed

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Masking tape
  • Newspaper
  • Diluted PVA glue
  • Different colour paints
  • White paint
  • Clear glue

How to Make Paper Mache Flower Vase

  1. Download the pdf template of the vase, scale it up to the desired size and print out two copies.
  2. Glue the printed templates unto a cardboards and cut out in the shape of vase.
  3. Cut out a strip of cardboard 7cm in length and width long enough to go round from the top left side of the cut out template to the top right. (Ensure the corrugation of the cardboard run vertically down the width of the strip. This makes it easy to bend the cardboard)
  4. Using masking tape, glue the strip around the template to hold it in place
  5. Tear some newspaper strips and paste them all over the pieces of the vase. Cover in four layers and let it dry completely.
  6. Glue the back of the vase to the wall.
  7. Add one more layer of paper mache, let it dry completely
  8. Sandpaper the vase lightly and cover in two coats of paint. Let the flower vase dry completely.
  9. Decorate as you choose.
  10. Apply a coat of varnish.

paper flower vase tutorial

paper flower vase tutorial

Craft tips

  • You may paint patterns on the flower vase.
  • Draw on the vase
  • You could glue beads or faux stones.

paper mache flower vase

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